In Home Board and Train Program

Let the ‘heeling’ begin.

With all courses, your dog will become proficient in training. Each dog is given one on one in-home training. Your dog will live in our ranch home with us and explore our 50 acres. They will enjoy playing with other dogs, animals, adults, and children. There will be formal training sessions daily where your dog will practice the obedience routine that he/she will perform at the end of training. They will ride with us to the stores, restaurants and parks. The journey is exciting for both dogs and their owners. He/She will learn 5 formal basic obedience commands that will follow through into everyday settings.

The Heel (this command is when the dog stays head level with the handler’s leg, whether jogging or walking, the dog will recognize pace and stay with handler.)

Sit (Dog will sit and stay. This is the command you use when you want the dog to stay somewhere and not break this command until instructed to)

Down (lay down, dog will down and stay until he/she is recalled or given a further command)

Here (When called, the dog will return to handler and sit in front of handler waiting for next command)

No – This is your only negative command (Dog will know to change behavior when they are given this command)

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Informal Commands will also be incorporated into the obedience program. These commands will assist in everyday behavior. When the dog begins the program, we review a [checklist of items that apply to the dogs current home situation. We give helpful informal commands to assist. Things such as the “Place: (dog will go to his/her bed and lay down), off (Stops jumping or being on furniture), Leave it (redirection of behavior), out (Dropping ball or toy when asked).

These are some examples of informal commands. More options will be discussed depending on the dog.
2 Week Course – is for dogs that have already completed some type of previous training. Or if you have a dog that needs training in one specific area. Evaluation Required for this course.
4 Week Course – is a consistent structured basic obedience course. Whether it is a puppy that requires potty training and obedience foundation, or an adult dog that needs socialization and manners; the 4-week course addresses all issues,
Protection Course – This course consists of 12 weeks of protection training. After completing this course your dog will be certified and considered an Executive Level Dog. Dog will be trained to bark on command, hold and bark bite work, and in home search. Must complete two obedience courses to participate in protection course.
Have your dog become everything you want. Come join our pack.

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