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Our Training Philosophy is that A Behavior Rewarded, Is A Behavior Repeated. Teaching dogs that learning is fun! Our team takes the time to evaluate each dog to tap into the best training method for them.  Every dog is different, yet every dog can be trained!

About Pack Up Dog Training

Our Training Philosophy is that A Behavior Rewarded, Is A Behavior Repeated. Teaching dogs that learning is fun! Our team takes the time to evaluate each dog because every dog is different. We evaluate what drives them,  Is it food, toy, praise?  Then, we are able channel that energy into motivated training.   The dogs are able to find clarity in commands! Dogs want to please their humans, so establishing Pack Leadership is a must. We work with our “Trainers in Training” or Doggie Moms and Dads to help them become leader of their pack. We set each family up with a training regimen.  That if followed, training is mastered!

Our Mission

We know the value of the relationship of a human and their dog. Our mission is to create an environment where learning is fun. Showing dogs and their family’s what consistency in training can do to establish a good solid pack. Putting in time and effort to make sure that both owner and dog achieve the highest level of success.

Our Services

Do you feel like you can get more out of you and your dogs’ relationship? Do you have a new puppy, or are you dealing with behavioral issues with your dog? Pack Up Dog Training is here to help! We can address whatever issues you are having. We will take you and your dog’s relationship to another level. With several types of training programs tailored to your needs, we can help any situation. We offer a two and four week board and train program where your dogs live in our home for training.  No kennels!  We also have private sessions, obedience/protection classes and service dog training. Your dog will live just like he/she does at home out here on the ranch.

Get Certfied

Obtain the following certifications through Pack Up Dog Training:  CKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen), AKC STAR, AKC Community Canine, AKC Urban CGC, AKC Therapy, AKC Trick Dog, AKC Fit Dog, Temperament Test.  ADA Service Dog Certification.


Puppy Love

1 year ago

We bought a dog 2 years ago from Vom Haus Kazynski Kennels/Pack Up Dog Training. We couldn’t be happier. She is the best dog we have ever owned!

Stephanie Walters

Highly recommended

1 year ago

Joe and Nicole are phenomenal! They are amazing people and amazing Trainers. They bring In excellence and experience in ways that are difficult to express! I cannot recommend them more!

Ben McElroy

Tyson is Amazing!

2 years ago

Tyson has learned general obedience. What a difference! Now he looks to me for direction and listens to my commands. It’s such a difference. Thank you


Couldn’t say enough good things!

2 years ago

If you are wanting a quality experience or even a well bred quality dog this is THE PLACE. We got best of both worlds when starting our journey with Pack up dog training and I couldn’t recommend them more! It’s not just a send your dog and pick it up and you are on your own.. they take the extra time to check in and be available for any and all questions you have. Including refreshers! Truly treating each dog they bring in as their own and I think it makes the experience that much more effective. If you were questioning rather they are the right choice I can assure you look no further. This is where it’s at!


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Join our Pack!  Pack Up Dog Training has been breeding Elite Working Line German Shepherds.  We have healthy stable minded Dogs that are guaranteed to fulfill your wants from a dog.  Our pups are Amazing family pet/protectors.  With several of our pups competing in sport work, protection, trick dog, and Service work. Check out our Kennel VOM HAUS KAZYNSKI. 


5 STAR Breeders with AKC since 2013

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